Chimney repair

Chimney maintenance is often overlooked but loose and cracked bricks are dangerous. Toppled chimney stacks can be a threat to the structure of your home or property. At Chesterfield Roof Repair, we have over 20 years’ experience in brick pointing and mortar sealing to prevent loose bricks and crumbling mortar causing long-term damage.

Chimney Stack Re-pointing
Our fully trained and experienced roofers will clean, repair, and replace damaged brick work and reseal mortar to both your chimney and external walls preventing damage from damp and leaks. We will match like-for-like brickwork to maintain the character and aesthetic appeal of your home or property.

Chimney flashing
When it comes to weatherproofing your chimney flashing, we are experienced fitting various materials including lead, aluminium, copper, or steel, depending on the character and type of property. We also repair and replace roof flashing, wall flashing and roof penetration flashings.

Chimney flaunching
Chimney pots are held in place with cement mortar and if this is cracked or deteriorated it will cause problems. Chesterfield roof repair will reseal or replace your chimney flaunching while maintaining the character of the property or building.

Chesterfield Roof Repairs works with:

  • Residential properties
  • Housing associations
  • Local authority housing
  • Public sector buildings
  • Leisure facilities
  • Churches and historical buildings
  • Commercial and retail premises
  • Hospitals and hospices

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